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Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT) Phase 3

The table below contains links to important documentation pertaining to the BOLT evaluations in Phase 3.

File Description

Activity A-MT

Activity A-IR

Activity C

Evaluation Plan v4, September 5 2014

v2-5, September 30 2014

v1-3, January 13 2015

System Hardware Requirements    

Dell Precision M4800, March 24 2014


Dell Precision M4700, April 3 2012


Dell Precision M4600, March 22 2012

Output File Format (DTD/XSD)  

BOLT IR Cite Schema DTD


BOLT IR Topic Schema DTD

Output format (XSD), v4, May 28 2014
Output Checker (DTD/XSD)     Consistency checker, v1.1, June 25 2014
Other resources Post-editing Guidelines Version 1.3.3, September 22, 2014  

Additional Common English ASR Vocabulary Lists:
IBM 69 words, June 1 2012


Please see the respective evaluation plans above for detailed schedules.

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Created February 7, 2014, Updated September 15, 2021