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Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT) Phase 2

The table below contains links to various documentation pertaining to the BOLT evaluations in Phase 2.

File Description




Evaluation Plan v8, July 26 2013 v1.3, May 29 2013

v4.5, Sep. 27 2013

System Hardware Requirements    

Dell Precision M4600, Mar. 22 2012
Dell Precision M4700, Apr. 3 2012

Output File Format (DTD/XSD)  

BOLT IR Cite Schema DTD


BOLT IR Topic Schema DTD

BOLT BC Phase 2 - Output Format (XSD), v7, Aug. 14 2013
Output Checker (DTD/XSD)     BOLT BC Phase 2 - Output Consistency Checker, v1.6, Aug. 14 2013
Other resources    

Additional Common English ASR Vocabulary Lists:
IBM 69 words, Jun. 1 2012


Please see the respective evaluation plans above for more details.

Aug. 4 2013 Act. A-IR: LDC completes dry run assessments
Aug. 9 2013 Act. A-IR: Dry run scores provided to teams
Aug. 19-23 2013 Act. A-MT: Dry run period
Sep. 16-20 2013 Act. A-MT: Forum data evaluation period
Sep. 23-27 2013 Act. A-MT: SMS/Chat data evaluation period
Sep. 16 2013 (36h period) Act. A-IR: Relevance evaluation
Oct. 21-25 2013 Act. C: Evaluation period
Oct. 31 2013 Act. A-IR: Relevance assessments completed
Nov. 12-15 & 18-22 2013 Act. C: Human assessments
Tentative Jan. 13-15 2014 PI meeting in Washington DC area

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Created February 15, 2013, Updated September 15, 2021