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2013 Multimedia Event Recounting Track


Description Audience
Version / Date
TRECVid 2013 MER evaluation plan MER participants
v10 / July 31, 2013
MER DTD MER participants v11 / April 24, 2013
MER XSD MER participants v1 / August 27, 2013
(MER Dry Run: is part of the MED dry run) MER participants (no separate data)

MER example submission
(for use with the TV13MED-SubmissionChecker)

MER participants v1 / July 11, 2013
MER Workstation software (MD5) MER participants v3.0 / August 27, 2013



(all dates 2013)

April 1 Final design published in the TRECVID Guidelines on the web.
Final MER DTD available
May 1 Initial draft version of Triage Workstation available
June 5 2013 Progress Set disk drives available (for new participants)
July 1 MED/MER Dry Run begins
July 31 MED/MER dry run ends
(MER dry run submissions due at NIST)
September 10 MED/MER participants submit Pre-specified Event runs
(including recountings)
September 27 NIST releases pre-adjudicated MER results on the Pre-specified Events
October 2 NIST releases post-adjudicated MER results on the Pre-specified Events
October 4 TRECVID Speaker Proposals due at NIST by noon (Gaithersburg time)
November 20-22 TRECVid Workshop at NIST (Gaithersburg, MD)

Created February 26, 2013, Updated March 20, 2014