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2012 Multimedia Event Recounting Track


Description Audience
Version / Date
TRECVid 2012 MER evaluation plan All MER participants
v23 / May 29, 2012
ALADDIN 2012 MER evaluation plan addendum ALADDIN participants v02 / May 1, 2012
MER DTD All MER participants


v7 / May 21, 2012
MER Dry Run Data Files All MER participants June 28, 2012
Rendering software All MER participants V1/June 29, 2012



Date (all dates 2012) Milestone
April 13 Final design published in the TRECVID Guidelines on the web
April 30 Explicit expression of interest due, via email to NIST. Participants will not be added after April 30th
May 18 Rendering tool and MER DTD available
June 5 MER Progress Set Test Data available
June 15 Initial prototype of Evaluation tools available
June 15 MER Development Test Set available
July 11 MER Evaluation Test Set available
July 15 Dry Run results due at NIST
July 15 Finalized Evaluation tools available
August 7 Dry Run results available to participants
September 18

MER submissions due at NIST

MER Evaluation Test Set

MER Progress Test Set

October 17 Evaluation results available to participants
November 26-28 TRECVid Workshop

Created April 16, 2012, Updated April 24, 2013