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Frequently Asked Questions about the Organization for Scientific Area Committees

nist forensic sciences

The NIST Forensic Science Program is establishing a new Organization for Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) to coordinate development of standards and guidelines to improve quality and consistency of forensic science practices. See the OSAC home page for more details.

1. Will SWGDAM (the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods) be transitioned to OSAC?

Due to the unique statutory relationship between the SWGDAM and the FBI, SWGDAM will remain with the FBI at this time. The FBI has no initial objection to the transition of SWGDAM or appropriate portions of SWGDAM to OSAC and is open to considering this at some future time.

2. How do I become a member of the OSAC?

The application process for the initial launch of OSAC closed on May 11, 2014. NIST is accepting applications for 2015. If vacancies occur prior to the next round of appointments, new members may be selected from the pool of submitted applications. Apply here.


Created February 14, 2014, Updated February 26, 2019