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XML Schema Validation Updates

The NIST Manufacturing System Integration Division is pleased to announce the updated release of its XML Schema and Instance Validation Web Pages emphasizing several new features.  These enhanced pages can be used to remotely validate XML schema files against the W3C XML Schema standard (Schema Validation Service), and XML data files against their corresponding schemas (Instance Validation Service). Often XML and XML schema files are developed using a single set of tools. By using the NIST site users can test their files with a number of popular tools before sharing them with others, thereby improving the quality of what they release and saving everyone's time in the process.

The website allows users to upload XML and XML Schema files to be processed with a number of third party, publicly available XML tools. The publicly available XML parsers included on the site are Xerces, Jing, and MultiSchema Validator, JAXP, and LibXml2. For instance validation, a user may upload their own XML Schema files or choose from the following five sets of publicly available schemas provided on the site:

  • OAGIS (from the Open Applications Group, Inc.)
  • OASIS UBL (Unified Business Language) schemas versions 1 and 2
  • schemas from AIAG (the Automobile Industry Action Group)
  • the StratML schemas for strategic plans from AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management).

Additional parsers and schemas may be added on request.

These tools are accessible at

Created March 10, 2010, Updated October 5, 2010