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QOD Standalone Tool Release

Announcement of NIST latest XML Schema Testing Tool: QOD Standalone
NIST is pleased to announce the new release of the XML Schema Quality of Design (QOD) Standalone Testing Tool.

QOD Standalone is a tool to assist in consistently using XML Schema for the specification of information. Derived from the original web-based QOD tool, QOD Standalone is suitable for off-line testing. QOD may be used by an XML schema developer to ensure compliance with a set of guidelines for XML schema development, a.k.a. Naming and Design Rules (NDR). The tool is configurable to use tests for NDR from any number of original sources It is distributed with tests of NDR from the following two groups:

Other tests for other NDR may be exported from the QOD website and loaded into the standalone system as they are available. The website currently contains tests for a NDR from a number of organizations including OAG, UNCEFACT, NIEM UBL, DON, IRS, and UnitsML, and others will be added.
Created July 20, 2009, Updated November 18, 2010