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MSID Highlights 8_03_09

August 2009 Highlight

NIST hosts DoD Engineering Drawing and Modeling Working Group (DEDMWG)

Simon Frechette of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory hosted the Department of Defense Engineering Drawing and Modeling Working Group (DEDMWG) at NIST, 11-12 Aug. 2009. Sponsored by the DoD Manufacturing Technology Program, the working group focuses on technical data requirements for defense systems. Until recently, engineering data was specified in most defense systems contracts to be delivered as electronic drawings. The advent of modern 3D engineering design tools has completely overtaken standards and specifications for delivery of defense system data. The working group has started the process of upgrading existing standards and identifying gaps in the current standards portfolio. The meeting included presentation of defense systems data rights, implementation of PLCS DEXs (product lifecycle support data exchange specifications) and impact on the technical data package process; status of MIL-STD-31000 (Defense Standard, "Technical Data Packages") and ballot comments review; using 3D model data for technical publications (Adobe Systems presentation); a DEDMWG website demonstration; and DoD acquisition framework and standards gap analysis by IMTI, Inc.

POC: Simon Frechette, 301-975-3335
Program: Supply Chain Integration
Category: Interaction

Created September 24, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016