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MSID Highlights 7_02_10

July 2010 Highlight
Release of OntoSTEP Open Source Software

OntoSTEP, a plug-in for the widely used Protégé Ontology Web Language (OWL) editor, is released as an open source software. OntoSTEP allows ISO 10303-based (informally known as the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) Express files (ISO 10303-11 – a description language used for creating other STEP specifications) to be translated into OWL, which will aid the industry to move into the Semantic Web world. Members of PDES, Inc., a non-profit consortium, have already expressed interest in using this plug-in, and GM electrical has also been reviewing OntoSTEP with others (e.g., IBM) to meet their needs under a [product] life cycle collaborative effort.  The OntoSTEP plug-in is currently available at

POC: Sudarsan Rachuri, 301-975-4264
Program: Sustainable and Lifecycle Information-based Manufacturing
Category: Programmatic Accomplishment

Created September 30, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016