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MSID Highlights 7_01_08

July 2008 Highlight

NIST Engages in with American Metalcasting Consortium in Technical Review

Kevin Lyons, at the invitation of Dan Gearing, Defense Logistics Agency, attended the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) Technology Review ( held on June 25-26, in Chicago , Ill. The review highlighted new metal casting technologies to eliminate backorders, reduce procurement lead times, enhance part quality and reduce cost, increase yield and reduce scrap, create improved models and simulations, and ensure a reliable U.S. metal-casting base to improve warfighter readiness. Most of the new technologies are also essential to the commercial marketplace and addressed sustainable manufacturing aspects. This community is very pro-active in their pursuit and promotion of castings and all of the researchers/practitioners with whom Lyons discussed NIST's directions in sustainable manufacturing asked that they be kept aware of the program and participate in whatever way that was appropriate for the program and the casting manufacturers.

Contact:  Kevin Lyons, 301-975-6550
Program: Simulation-based Manufacturing Interoperability Standards and Testing
Category: Interaction

Created April 22, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016