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MSID Highlights 6_01_09

June 2009 Highlight

Denno Selected for 2009 Automotive Industry Action Group's Outstanding Achievement Award

Peter Denno of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, has been selected to be one of the recipients of this year's Automotive Industry Action Group's Outstanding Achievement Award for his substantial contribution to, and leadership of, the AIAG's Materials Off-Shore Supply Chains (MOSS) project.  The award is for Denno's hard work, dedication and support of his fellow volunteers; and many cost-saving standards and guidelines --- used around the globe to help achieve a seamless, efficient and responsible supply chain --- without which would never have come to fruition.  AIAG is a not-for-profit organization providing a forum where automotive retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers work collaboratively to drive cost and complexity from the supply chain via global standards development and harmonized business practices.  The MOSS project is specifically designed to address grave deficiencies in the information currently used in long distance supply chains and the adverse impacts of these deficiencies on the flow of goods. Denno received his award at the Annual Awards Ceremony, October 9, 2009, at the Automotive Hall of Fame, Dearborn, MI.

POC: Peter Denno, 301-975-3595
Program: Supply Chain Integration
Category: Recognition

Created July 13, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016