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MSID Highlights 5_01_10

May 2010 Highlight
Dr. Feng Keynotes at the 17th International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering
Shaw Feng gave the keynote speech at the 17th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering on May 20, 2010, Hefei University of Technology in Hefei, China. Feng's talk was entitled, "A Sustainability Measurement Infrastructure – Enabling Measuring Sustainability in Manufacturing Processes and Products." Che Bong Joung, NIST Associate, was the coauthor of the presentation slides. About 100 people attended the keynote address. Much positive feedback was received and contributors to the discussion thought that measuring sustainability could help industry understand the current state and provide a sense of direction towards sustainable processes and products.

Feng also gave an invited talk entitled "Development Overview of Sustainable Manufacturing Metrics." The co-authors were Che Bong Joung of NIST and Dr. Gang Li of Hefei University of Technology. This paper presentation included an overview of the current project work on sustainability metrics for sustainable manufacturing at NIST.

POC: Shaw Feng, 301-975-3551
Program: Sustainable and Lifecycle Information-based Manufacturing
Category: Recognition

Created June 14, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016