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MSID Highlights 2_02_08

February 2008 Highlight Promotes NIST's XML Schema and Instance Validation Service to Stage 4

NIST's XML Schema and Instance Validation Service has been developing tools and testing services that promote more efficient and consistent development of XML Schemas.  These tools have been helping several organizations and communities of interest in part thanks to publicity on Emerging, a website established to facilitate the identification, discovery, and formation of communities of practice (CoPs) around emerging technology (ET) components and specifications of interest to government agencies.  At Stage 4 of the process, components are considered to have been demonstrated by communities of practice (CoPs) to be technically viable and to have practical utility.  Emerging information technologies "graduate" to become relatively mature information technology components and, thus, candidates for consideration by the CIO Council's (COIC) Services Subcommittee for inclusion in for government-wide use.  Individual government agencies who have the most compelling business needs and have participated in the CoPs considering each component are prime candidates to become early adopters.

 NIST has been a leading government partner with a group of federal IT professionals that formed the XML Schema Interoperability Working Group under the Data Architecture Subcommittee of the Federal CIO Council.  This is home to interested parties working towards developing a repository of XML Schema naming and design rules, and tests for the use of those rules in XML Schemas. Members of the Working Group are the initial beneficiaries of NIST's XML Schema and Instance Validation  Service.

Contact: KC Morris, (301)975-8286
Program: Manufacturing Interoperability

Created April 22, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016