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MSID Highlights 2_01_08

February 2008 Highlight

Manufacturing Data Exchange Testbed Releases New Test Service

The Manufacturing Data Exchange Testbed Team released the Schema Authoring and Testing environment software, also known as Schema Quality of Design tool (QOD) and Naming and Design Rule (NDR) Profile schema. The Open Application Group (OAGi), with more than ten years' collaboration with NIST, announced the release of NIST's new test suites and automated [free] testing services for OAGi's Naming and Design Rules 9.0 specification on NIST's QOD website.

QOD assists in consistently using XML Schema for the specification of information. Consistent design of XML schemas within an organization or single integration project can reduce the number and the severity of interoperability problems. In addition, this consistency makes the XML schema easier to extend, understand, implement, and maintain; and, it paves the way for automated testing and mapping. Applying best practices is one way to achieve this design consistency.

Contact: KC Morris, (301)975-8286
Program: Manufacturing Interoperability

Created April 22, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016