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MSID Highlights 12_03_09

December 2009 Highlight
NIST Guest Researcher Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Dr. Milton Borsato, from the Federal University of Technology in  Parana, southern Brazil, has been invited by Dr. Sriram, to join the team of NIST specialists that are currently working to propose an  ontology that aligns sustainability terms with product life cycle management concepts. Dr. Borsato has been selected by the J. William  Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board for an award under the Mutual Educational Exchange Program, and has been working with MEL's Sustainable and Lifecycle Information-based Manufacturing (SLIM)  Program team since December, and will be in Gaithersburg until the end of February 2010.

As part of the Fulbright Program, Dr. Borsato intends to participate  in a broad range of social and community activities as well, in addition to pursuing his academic and professional objectives.

POC: Ram D. Sriram, 301-975-3507
Program: Sustainable Lifecycle Information-based Manufacturing (SLIM)
Category: Recognition

Created February 22, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016