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MSID Highlights 10_02_07

October 2007 Highlight

Volvo Truck Simulation used to Validate Core Manufacturing Simulation Data Specification

A multi-year effort by NIST staff resulted in the initial draft and continued technical leadership of the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data specification.  This specification describes an information model that provides neutral data interfaces for integrating machine shop software applications with simulation.  The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization is leading the standardization effort.

Marcus Johansson, a research associate at NIST, completed an implementation study of the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) information model for a Volvo Truck engine-line simulation. The study included the development of a data converter, interface tool, and simulation model. The data converter translates data from specific factory shop-floor databases at Volvo Trucks into a CMSD-structured XML file. The data included in the databases cover product variants, workstation cycle time, logged breakdown data, etc. The interface tool is for generic and integrated CMSD interfaces to enable use of CMSD XML files as data sources for the UGS Plant Simulation software.  To further demonstrate the viability of the CMSD specification for other simulation software, a second CMSD interface, based on the same principles as the first, has been developed for the Enterprise Dynamics simulation software, using the same CMSD XML file. Discussions are underway to expand the project plan to explore use of the CMSD interface development methodology to create a generic CMSD interface for the Delmia Quest simulation software. These tests are an important step in ensuring the widespread applicability of this new standard.

Contact: Charles McLean, 301-975-3511
Program: Manufacturing Interoperability
Created April 22, 2009, Updated September 21, 2016