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Monthly Highlight for 12_01_11

December 2011 Highlight
Enabling Technology for Systems Engineering Standard

The Object Management Group's (OMG) Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) announced its first major step in ensuring reliable interchange of engineering models based on OMG technology. The MIWG's work over the past 2 years resolved many impediments to interoperability, resulting in a test suite for tool vendors and users to ensure reliable interchange of models based on the Systems Engineering Modeling Language and Unified Modeling Language (SysML/UML). Public availability of the test suite is the subject of an OMG press release.

Peter Denno provided key enabling technology for the MIWG: the NIST Validator, as cited in the press release above. MIWG participants use it to assess conformance to relevant OMG standards. The NIST Validator processes computer-interpretable specifications of those standards and configures itself for assessing conformance. The Validator provides an interface accessible to anyone on the web, for uploading models and immediate analysis. Public release of the MIWG test suite enables vendors and users of tools based on OMG technology to investigate for themselves interoperability concerns they may have with the modeling tools they use or develop.

Contact: Peter Denno, 301-975-3595
Category: Technical Accomplishment

Created April 30, 2012, Updated September 21, 2016