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Monthly Highlight for 12_01_10

December 2010 Highlight
EL and DoD Hold Model-Based Manufacturing Enterprise Summit

The NIST Engineering Laboratory and the Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing Technology Program held the 2nd Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit at NIST December 13-16, 2010. The Summit gathered over 120 industry and government experts to present the status of MBE-related projects, current standards development activities, and to develop priorities for future work. Attendees at the MBE Summit represented industry prime contractors, small suppliers, software application vendors, standards developers, and government engineering and logistics communities. The summit focused on standards and technology development to support model-based manufacturing, supply chain integration, and product life cycle support. DoD wants to move from 2-dimensional drawings-based engineering environment, to a 3-dimensional model-based engineering enterprise.  To further this on-going effort, Paul Huang from the Army Research Laboratory, resides here at NIST as a guest researcher, leading this defense program.

Major issues that were addressed during the summit included Technical Data Package (TDP) content standards and conformance requirements; data format standards for manufacturing systems integration including 3D PDF and ISO 10303 - STEP; new standards for Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS); standards for creating and viewing technical manuals; shop floor integration standards; and requirements for product model validation. Dr. Vijay Srinivasan presented a new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) dimensional tolerance standard that is under development. This standard will help manufacturers improve quality and reduce waste by making tolerance rules more compatible with modern automated measurement technologies.  Dr. Srinivasan's presentation has already gained recognition from the community as a think piece for further development efforts.  NIST researchers also presented work on model validation and PLCS standards development. Break-out groups from the Summit made significant progress on MIL Standards for Technical Data Packages and Product Configuration Management, and a follow-up annual workshop to report progress is anticipated.  A group of industry representatives from the summit met with Dr. Shyam Sunder, Engineering Laboratory Director, to discuss issues facing U.S. manufacturers, reaffirm their view that NIST is the "go-to" agency for Department of Defense matters of standards and measurement science, and further clarify the important role of NIST in U.S. manufacturing.

Presentations from the Summit are available at

POC: Simon Frechette, 301-975-3335
Program: Model-Based Enterprise
Category: Interactions

Created January 14, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016