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Monthly Highlight for 04_01_11

April 2011 Highlight
NIST and the Open Applications Group Mark 10 Years of Collaboration

NIST hosted the 2011 spring meeting of the Open Application Group Inc. (OAGi) Consortium April 19-21.  This was the 10th consecutive year that NIST has hosted this annual spring meeting of OAGi.  The organization, which develops Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) a supply chain integration standard, continues to grow and expand into new industries including metals, chemicals, and trade compliance.  OAGi now has a total of 50 members with over 3500 standards users from 89 different countries.  Those members are very interested in standards for trade compliance, materials declaration, and cloud computing services. The main theme of this year's meeting was cloud computing.  The major issue was the role that OAGi can play in developing standards to enable cloud computing for the industries it serves.

KC Morris, from NIST, presented an overview of the new testing tools NIST has developed to facilitate the testing of OAGIS 9.5, the latest standards release. Severin Tixier, also from NIST, summarized the results of that testing, which was based on the NDR (naming and design rules) test suite used in the previous release, OAGIS 9.  Those results were submitted to the OAGi working group preparing the OAGIS 9.5.  That group will use those results to make changes to the new release, which is a significant extension of previous releases. That extension was necessary to address new requirements from the chemical and metals industries, as well as, broader requirements for the auto industry and their supply chains. Morris also presented an overview of proposed FY12 projects of interest to OAGi members.

OAGi board members including representatives from Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, and ORACLE met with Mary Saunders, Director of NIST's Standards Coordination Office.  The group discussed NIST's recent reorganization, its emphasis on improving the standards development process, and its role in cross-domain standards convergence. 

Program: Model-Based Enterprise
Contact: Simon Frechette, 301-975-3335
Category: Interaction

Created May 26, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016