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Monthly Highlight for 02_01_11

February 2011 Highlight
NIST Chairs Interoperability Test Bed Project Funded by CEN

Nenad Ivezic of the Engineering Laboratory was named the Chair of the 2011 Global Interoperability Test Bed Phase 2 (GITB2) project that is funded by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).  Ivezic will head an international team from Asia, Europe, and North America representing government institutions (CEN, NIST), testing organizations (KorBIT), industry consortia (AIAG), software vendors (Fujitsu, iPoint), software R&D organizations (SRDC), and academic institutions (European Business Schools).

The objective of the GITB2 project is to propose architectural and governance solutions for a global testing framework capable of supporting efficient development of various test beds that are built to test messaging systems that may be found in logistics, manufacturing supply chain, procurement, and health care management systems.  The project continues to be supported by international stakeholders who expect the proposed architectural and governance foundation to support future collaborative work in testing across geographic areas and in various industry sectors. With participation of stakeholders from Europe, Asia and North America, the workshop team has an opportunity to advance state-of-the-practice in testing while making the testing processes both more affordable and more consequential.  

The GITB2 project is a continuation of GITB1 that took place in 2009 to deliver comprehensive analyses of requirements, current capabilities, and risks to enable a modular testing infrastructure for testing messaging systems.  In addition, the collaborative team proposed a collection of recommendations for the architectural and governance approach to make such a global testing framework a reality.

Contact: Nenad Ivezic, 301-975-3536
Program: Supply Chain Integration
Category: Impact of NIST Research and Services

Created March 17, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016