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Monthly Highlight for 01_01_11

January 2011 Highlight
NIST Authors receive "2011 Most Cited Paper Award for the journal Computer-Aided Design"

Junhwan Kim and Ram D. Sriram from NIST, along with Michael J. Pratt (LMR Systems) and Raj G. Iyer (Army TACOM) were recently selected to receive the "2011 Most Cited Paper Award" from the journal Computer-Aided Design" for their co-authored paper, "Standardized data exchange of CAD models with design intent" published in 2008, Volume 40, Issue 7, Pages 760-777.  Papers for this distinction are determined solely based on the highest number of cites, excluding self-citations, received for all journal articles published between the years 2008 and 2010 [data culled from SCOPUS reports ( created on January 19, 2011].  The paper suggests an implementable foundation for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data exchange with the preservation of design intent, based on the use of newly published parts of the International Standard ISO 10303 (informally known as STEP- Standard for the Exchange of Product model data). Case studies are presented which employ a hypothetical STEP application protocol (AP) using other parts from ISO 10303. A prototype translator based on this AP has been implemented and tested. The paper reports on the experience gained in 'intelligent' data exchange.

Computer-Aided Design is an established international journal that provides engineers, designers and computer scientists in academia and industry with key papers on research and developments in the application of computers to the design process. Kim and Sriram published this noteworthy article while working for the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, Manufacturing Systems Integration Division.

POC: Ram Sriram, 301-975-3507
Program: Sustainable Manufacturing

Created February 10, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016