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Model-Based Enterprise Summit - Presentation Repository

December 18 - 19, 2013 National Institute of Standards & Technology Gaithersburg, MD  

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Product Lifecycle Management Integration


Model-based Design Tools for Cyber Physical Systems

Sandeep Neema, Vanderbuilt

Affordable Model-Based Architecture Radar

John Doyle, ACI


Charlie Huff, Anthony Holden

NASA NIMA Overview

Joe Hale/Jamie Adams, NASA-MSFC

Lunch Break



Dave Stieren, NIST

IMS Project: Cost/Benefit Analysis for MBM

Jack Harris (IMS), John Russell (Honeywell)

Model-Based Systems Engineering


Intro to MBSE

Philomena Zimmerman, ODASD (SE)

Engineered Resilient Systems

Simon Goerger, ERDC

The Digital Thread

Ed Kraft, USAF

ePLM for USA, USN, and USMC

Robert Lamanna,

Multi-Domain SE Interoperability

Greg Pollari, Rockwell-Collins John Russell, Honeywell


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Model-Based Manufacturing


Codes vs Models: Which is Better for Manufacturing?

Martin Hardwick, RPI & STEP Tools

iFab as an Example of Rapid Response Manufacturing

Mark Traband, ARL, Penn State

Using Tolerance Maps to Transfer Design Tolerancing to Machining Tolerancing

Jami Shah, Arizona State University

Applications of Model-Based Manufacturing

David Odendahl, Boeing

Cutting Tool Programming

Thomas Raun, ISCAR

Lunch Break


3D Model and PMI Validation Update

Simon Frechette, NIST Bob Lipman, NIST

Special Session


Coast Guard - Implementing MBE

Shelley Diedrich, Coast Guard

NAVAIR - Acquisition of MBE Data

Howard Owens, NAVAIR

NAVFAC - Overview of MBD/MBE

Alex Viana, NAVFAC

NAVAIR - Implementing MBD

John Schmelzle, NAVAIR

Model-Based Work Instructions


Augmented/Virtual Reality to Supplement Work Instructions

Rafael Radkowski, Iowa State Univ

Digital Point of Use

Kevin Carpentier, SCRA

Army Lessons Learned on PDF Capabilities

Adam Frey, ARDEC

Future of Neutral Format for Downstream Reuse 

Jim Merry, Anark



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