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June 2010 Highlight
NIST Releases ISO 10303 Support Software - the "Reeper"
US industry have resulted in documented savings of $150M per year.  The NIST Future STEP project in the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory has the objective to greatly reduce barriers to the use of STEP in industry by enabling the successful integration of STEP with OMG and W3C standards.  The Reeper tools available through NIST's website are a first step toward the successful integration of STEP, OMG, and W3C standards.

ISO 10303 is a collection of inter-related documents, which form a multi-part standard.  Among these inter-related documents is ISO 10303-11 known as EXPRESS.  EXPRESS is a standard data modeling language for product data.  NIST's Reeper is a set of Ruby tools for manipulating EXPRESS data models. The input to Reeper is the standard XML representation of the EXPRESS schemas and data using XML Schemas (ISO/DIS 10303-28 Edition 1).  The developed Reeper architecture is flexible and consists of the following components:
  • a model of the EXPRESS language as Ruby Classes
  • a REXML-based parser that reads EXPRESS as XML and creates the dictionary (i.e. instances of the EXPRESS Ruby Classes) and then calls a mapper, that may be specified as an option at runtime
  • mappers that read the EXPRESS dictionary and perform the conversion to the desired language or format

For more information and access to the tools please visit our site: .

POC: Allison Barnard-Feeney, 301-975-3181
Program: Model-Based Enterprise
Category: Technical Accomplishment

Created September 30, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016