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June 2010 Highlight
MEL's STEP Class Library Software Continues to be Adopted by Software Developers
Developed more than a decade ago as one of the first implementations of ISO 10303 (a computer-aided design interoperability standard informally known as STEP – the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data), MEL's STEP Class Library has been used by numerous research and development projects over the years. The STEP Class Library continues to be in demand today, as evidenced by BRL-Computer-Aided Design (CAD) –an open source solid modeling system and the U.S. military's primary software for analyzing weapons system vulnerability and lethality. BRL-CAD software developers have recently added the STEP Class Library source code into their own code base to implement the import and export of ISO 10303-conforming data in the BRL-CAD tool suite.

The STEP Class Library, an open source toolkit written in C++, and is available at

POC: Josh Lubell, 301-975-3563
Program: Sustainable and Lifecycle Information-based Manufacturing
Category: Impact

Created September 30, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016