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2012 MBE Presentations

Model-Based Enterprise Summit - Presentation Repository

December 11 - 13, 2012 National Institute of Standards & Technology Gaithersburg, MD    

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012






Introductions and Admin

  Simon Frechette, NIST
Paul Huang, ARL

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Phil Zimmerman - OSD AMSWG

Model-Based Manufacturing


Dean Robinson, GE Global Research

DLA Overview


Richard Norton, DLA-LIS





Howard Owens, NAVAIR

3D Model Based Scanning & Inspection


Fred Persi, M7 Technologies

Vendor Updates


Lunch Break & Vendor Demos


The Quality Information Framework: MBE and XML Schema Models


Curtis Brown, Honeywell FM&T

Model Based Inspection: Leveraging Model Based Definition for QA


Ron Branch, Verisurf

Using Open CAD Formats to Bridge the Gap Between Today's and Tomorrow's Standards


Tomasz Luniewski, Capvidia

Break & Vendor Demos


Model-Based Predictive Technologies for Dimensional Measurement


Jon Baldwin, Metrosage

Inspection Lifecycle Management


Sam Golan, PAS Technology

Model Based Inspection Panel: Q&A


Moderator: John Horst

Wrap-Up and Vendor Demos

  Wednesday, 12 December, 2012  




Announcements & Admin


Simon Frechette, NIST
Paul Huang, ARL

Open Manufacturing


Mick Maher, DARPA-DSO

CSI Update


John Gray, ITI



Paul Gill, NASA



NIST EL Manufacturing Program Overview


Simon Frechette, NIST

Implementing Model Only at Cubic Defense Applications


Peter Buzyna, Cubic Defense

The Sustaniable Enterprise: Enabling the Digital Thread


Karen Kontos, Honeywell

NDEMC, Affordable Access to Modeling & Simulation and High Performance Computing for SMEs


Dennis Thompson, SCRA

NAMII Overview


Ed Morris, Director NAMII

Lunch Break & Vendor Demos


Lightweight Formats/Visualization Overview


Rich Eckenrode, Recon-Services

3D PDF Format


David Opsahl, 3D PDF Consortium

Repurposing of Engineering Data


Chris Garica, Anark

A New Dimension in Data Sharing


Tom Barth, EOS

Break & Vendor Demos


JT Overview


Dennis Keating, Siemens

Creo View


Madhavi Ramesh, PTC

3D Via


Garth Coleman, Dassault Systems

Vendor Panel Discussion


Moderator: Rich Eckenrode


Thursday, 13 December, 2012





Announcements & Admin


Simon Frechette, NIST
Paul Huang, ARL



David Stieren, NIST MEP

TDP for the Digital Enterprise


Dennis Duncan, LMI

Army Advanced Manufacturing Overview


Sanjay Parimi, ARDEC



Imperatives for Achieving Model-Based Product Realization


Richard Neal, IMTI

Model Standards Interoperability Across Domains, the Life Cycle, and the Supply Chain


Charlie Stirk, CostVision

The Lockheed Martin Model-Centric Digital Tapestry


Tom Hannon, Lockheed Martin

Lunch Break


Manufacturing Processes Overview


Fred Proctor, NIST

Siemens Overview


Dennis Keating, Siemens

Dassault Overview


Israel Flores, Dassault Systems

Delcam Overview


Hanan Fis, Delcam



CAM Standards


Martin Hardwick, STEPTools

End-User Panel Discussion


Moderator: Fred Proctor

Wrap-up and Path Forward


Paul Huang

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