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Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grant Program

Additive Mfg Cover

2022 Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grant Program (MBAMGP) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

10/17/2022: UPDATE - The 2022-MBAMGP-NIST-01 is no longer accepting applications. All applications that were received by the closing date of 1/11/2022 have been reviewed. NIST is in the process of Making final SELECTIONS AND will be notifying applicants when the status of their application changes.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) refers to a class of technologies for producing highly-complex, customized components by building up materials to make objects based on a three-dimensional (3D) computer model, typically built layer upon layer. AM provides the agility needed to rapidly make innovative customized complex products and replacement parts that are not realizable by more traditional manufacturing technologies or are required to be produced in low volumes. It offers additional advantages, including reduced material waste, lower energy intensity, reduced time-to-market, and just-in-time production. 

  • The U.S. produces approximately 18 percent of the world's manufactured goods. 

  • U.S. manufacturing accounts for about $6.5 trillion or 28 percent of national output. 

  • Manufacturing represented about 16 percent of global GDP, 70 percent of global trade, and 45 million advanced economy jobs in 2010. 

  • The industrial 3D printing market for metals has increased 32.4 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) 2016-2019 and is projected to rise 23.3 percent CAGR 2020-2025. 

Collaboration between NIST’s Additive Manufacturing programs and the Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grant Program awardees will help to facilitate the measurements and standards that will enable dramatic advances in the additive manufacturing field.

Applicants are therefore encouraged to propose potential collaboration opportunities with NIST AM programs.  

NIST hosted a pre-award webinar in December 2021 to provide general information regarding this NOFO, offer general guidance on preparing applications, and answer questions. Please reference for the most up to date information, including the webinar recording. Participation in the webinar was not required and will not be considered in the review and selection process. Proprietary technical discussions about specific project ideas were not permitted during the webinar and NIST staff did not critique or provide feedback on specific project ideas while they were being developed by an applicant, brought forth during the webinar, or at any time before the deadline for all applications.

Questions about the Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grant Program, eligibility requirements, evaluation and award criteria, selection process, and the general characteristics of a competitive application can be addressed at the Webinar and by e-mail at mbamgp [at] (mbamgp[at]nist[dot]gov).  Participation in the Webinar was not required and will not be considered in the application review and selection process. 

View the MBAMGP pre-award webinar here or access the recording directly below.  VIEW ADDITIOnAL RESOUrCES (INCLUDING NIST’S INVOLVEMENT WITH AM) HERE.

FY2022 Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grants Program (MBAMGP) Pre-Award Webinar
FY2022 Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grants Program (MBAMGP) Pre-Award Webinar
NIST hosted a pre-award webinar on December 8, 2021 to provide general information regarding the FY2022 Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grants Program NOFO, offer general guidance on preparing applications, and answer questions.Please reference for the most up to date information.The purpose of the webinar was to:introduce potential applicants to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (or NIST);provide potential applicants with an overview of the NOFO; and hold a live Q&A to answer questions about the Notice of Funding Opportunity (or NOFO).

Funding Opportunity Description: The NIST Metals-based Additive Manufacturing Grant Program is seeking applications from eligible applicants to support significant measurement science research in addressing current and future barriers to wide-spread adoption of metals-based additive manufacturing, such as feedstock, machine, and process characterization; real-time process monitoring and control; increasing process optimization and throughput; rapid qualification methodologies for processes and parts via characterization of surface quality, part accuracy, material properties as well as model-based approaches; and computational requirements for systems integration in advanced additive manufacturing systems including multi-material and multi-laser systems.

Anticipated Amounts: In Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), NIST anticipates funding up to four (4) awards with a maximum amount of $957,850 per award and a maximum project performance period of two (2) years. The awards will be fully funded.

Dates: Full Applications must be received at no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, January 11, 2022. Applications received after this deadline will not be reviewed or considered. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Previous Awardees

FY2020 Awardees

FY2021 Awardees

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Current FY2022 Awardees


Created October 6, 2021, Updated October 25, 2022