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The National Earthquake Group Staff Directory

National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program Office  
National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program Office (731.00)
Dr. Steven McCabe(Acting) Director301-975-8549
Tina FaeckeManagement & Program Analyst301-975-5911
Earthquake Engineering Group
Earthquake Engineering Group (731.05)
Dr. Steven McCabeLeader                                    301-975-8549
Dr. John (Jay) L. Harris, IIIResearch Structural Engineer301-975-6538
Dr. Matthew S. HoehlerResearch Structural Engineer301-975-8517
Dr. Siamak SattarResearch Structural Engineer301-975-6391
Dr. Matthew SpeicherResearch Structural Engineer301-975-5352
Dr. Kevin K. F. WongResearch Structural Engineer301-975-6361


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Created August 26, 2010, Updated November 1, 2019