The National Earthquake Group Staff Directory

National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program Office  

National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program Office (731.00)
Dr. Steven McCabe (Acting) Director 301-975-8549
Tina Faecke Management & Program Analyst 301-975-5911

Earthquake Engineering Group

Earthquake Engineering Group (731.05)
Dr. Steven McCabe Leader                                     301-975-8549
Dr. John (Jay) L. Harris, III Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6538
Dr. Matthew S. Hoehler Research Structural Engineer 301-975-8517
Dr. Siamak Sattar Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6391
Dr. Matthew Speicher Research Structural Engineer 301-975-5352
Dr. Kevin K. F. Wong Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6361


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  • Engineering Laboratory (EL)
    Materials and Structural Systems Division

    Earthquake Engineering Group (731.05)
    Dr. Steven McCabe, Leader

    General Information:
    Melissa Banner, Administrative Office Assistant
    301-975-8912 Telephone

    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8604
    Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8604

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