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Test Director: Kevin McGrattan
Calorimeter Operator: Fernandez
Test Date: 12/3/2019
Process Script Version: NFRL_Report63.m
Test Description: 4 Cardboard boxes, 2x2 array, with crinkle paper. ignite with 8 wicks soaked in 10 mL each, centered at base of each face. ignition marked as last wick is lit with torch

Timelaspe Video
Preliminary Report PDF file
Preliminary Report XLSX file
Video Image of Peak Heat Release Rate


Peak Heat Release Rate, PHRR 944 kW
Time to Peak Heat Release Rate 3.3 min
Total Heat Released, THR 479.27 MJ
Total Fuel Consumed = THR/HOCf 29.731 kg
Total CO Generated 1.064 kg
Total CO2 Generated 47.378 kg
Total Soot Generated 0.0165 kg
Baseline Hood Exhaust Flow 20.86 kg/s
Test Duration 0.74 h


Fuel Type Cellulose -
Hood Size 6 m
Duct Diameter 1.9753 m
Exhaust Flow Correction Factor 1.028 m
Net Heat of Combustion (per unit mass O2) 13.61 MJ/kg
Net Heat of Combustion, HOCf (per unit mass fuel) 16.12 MJ/kg
Initial Mass of Fuel (if available) 32 kg
Final Mass of Fuel (if available) 0.66 kg

The NIST 20 MW Calorimetry Measurement System for Large-Fire Research, Technical Note (NIST TN) 2077, 2019



Created December 5, 2019