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NIST Contacts for the News Media

Gaithersburg, Md.
Phone: (301) 975-2762

Mailing address:
100 Bureau Dr., Stop 1070
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1070

Boulder, Colo.
Phone: (303) 497-4044

Mailing address:
325 Broadway
MC 107.02
Boulder, CO 80305-3337

Acting Director, Public Affairs Office
Director, Media Relations

Jennifer Huergo, 301-975-6343 // cell: 202-309-1027
Topic areas: disaster and failure studies, NIST budget, Baldrige program

Managing Editor/Public Affairs Specialist
Ben Stein, 301-975-2763
Topic areas: physics, quantum information

Public Affairs Specialists
Alex Boss, 301-975-3611
Topic areas: standard reference materials, Hollings Marine Laboratory

Chad Boutin, 301-975-4261
Topic areas: advanced communications (Gaithersburg-based research), cybersecurity, information technology, biometrics, cryptography, neutron research

Jonathan Griffin, 301-975-4117
Topic areas: buildings and fire, robotics, manufacturing, community resilience

Rich Press, 301-975-0501
Topic areas: forensics, greenhouse gases, biology, genetics, chemistry, health and medicine, materials

Director, Boulder Media Relations
Laura Ost, 303-497-4880
Topic areas: timekeeping, physics, advanced communications (Boulder-based research)

Department of Commerce Communications Policy

Created June 16, 2009, Updated October 6, 2020