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Instagram Comment Policy

We welcome your comments to our Instagram content and expect that conversations there will be courteous. Please remember that you are fully responsible for the content of your comments.

NIST does not discriminate against any views; however, we do reserve the right to delete comments that:

  • Are violent, obscene, profane, hateful or racist
  • Are sexually explicit or sexually harassing
  • Threaten, harass or defame any person or organization
  • Spread misleading or false information/accusations
  • Are inappropriate or offensive
  • Are irrelevant or off-topic
  • Suggest or encourage illegal activity
  • Are copied and pasted multiple times
  • Solicit, advertise or endorse any financial, commercial or nongovernmental agency

In short: Please be respectful of others. Do not abuse the privilege of participating in our public, family-friendly forums. Users who do so risk being blocked. Contact us if you have any questions about how we moderate our comments. Thank you!

Created August 21, 2017