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NBS/NIST Culture of Excellence

In June 2006, the SAA Newsletter published the first of nine essays by Standards Alumni Association historian, James Schooley. This series of essays was initiated to raise appreciation of the culture at our agency—a culture that fosters excellence by regarding careful, meticulous scientific and engineering work as the norm; by encouraging cooperation and staff interactions; and by keeping the staff at the forefront of their fields, and current with new developments in general, through colloquia, seminars and other educational opportunities. 

The nine essays provide a brief introduction to some of the people and events that shaped and strengthened the National Bureau of Standards as it evolved into the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

NBS/NIST Histories

There are also three excellent books that provide an in-depth discussion of the history of NBS/NIST from its beginnings through 1993. 

  • "Measures for Progress" by Rexmond C. Cochrane
  • "A Unique Institution" by Elio Passaglia
  • "Responding to National Needs" by James F. Schooley

These and other NIST history texts can be found online.


Created November 8, 2018