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Technology Administration Summary of Appropriations FY 1999-FY 2001


(Dollars in thousands)

 FY 1999FY 2000
FY 2001 Request
US/OTP $9,495$7,945 (d)$8,716
Scientific & Technical Research & Services (STRS)   
Measurement and Standards Laboratories (MSL)274,882277,235 (e)332,317
Baldrige National Quality Program (BNQP)4,8504,9035,191
Subtotal279,732 (a)282,138 (d)337,508
Industrial Technology Services (ITS)
Advanced Technology Program (ATP)197,411 (a,b)142,600175,467
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)106,768 (a,c)104,180 (d)114,137
Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (IIIP)00 (e)50,000
Subtotal304,179 (a,b,c)246,780 (d,e)339,604
Construction of Research Facilities (CRF)56,714106,880 (d)35,879
NTIS0 (c)0 (e)0
Total TA Appropriations650,120643,743721,707
(a) Reflects a $525,000 rescission called for in PL 106-51: $404,000 STRS; $89,000 ATP; $32,000 MEP.
(b) Reflects a $6 million rescission called for in PL 105-277.
(c) Excludes Y2K transfer of $21 million for MEP and $1,193,000 for NTIS.
(d) Reflects a $3,211,000 rescission called for in PL 106-113: $27,000 US/OTP; $994,000 STRS; $656,000 MEP; $1,534,000 CRF.
(e) Excludes proposed supplementals of $1 million for STRS, $4 million for IIIP. In addition, a supplemental transfer of $4.5 million in budget authority for NTIS is not yet reflected.
Created September 2, 2009, Updated December 30, 2016