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Technology Administration Budget Summary FY 2001-FY 2003

(Dollars in thousands)

 FY 2001
Budget (a)
FY 2002
FY 2003
Budget Request
US/OTP $8,062$8,238$8,147
Scientific & Technical Research & Services (STRS)   
NIST Laboratories301,760320,906 (b)396,389
Baldrige National Quality Program (BNQP)5,1805,2055,815
Critical Infrastructure Protection Grants Program (CIPGP)4,98900
Industrial Technology Services (ITS)
Advanced Technology Program (ATP)145,379184,500107,926
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)104,906106,52212,923
Construction of Research Facilities (CRF)34,80263,618 (b)54,494
Total TA Appropriations605,078688,989585,694
Full Funding of Federal Employee Retirement Costs (c)12,41613,427[14,698]
Totals Including Accruals617,494702,416585,694

(a) Reflects 0.22% rescission enacted in PL 106-554.
(b) Includes Emergency Response Funds totaling $6,225 appropriated to NIST in the Defense FY 2002 appropriation act: $5,000 in STRS for cybersecurity and $1,225 in CRF for NIST site security.
(c) FY 2003 President's Budget includes amounts to fund proposed legislation to require agencies to pay the full Government share of the accruing cost of retirement for Civil Service Retirement System employees and to pay the full accruing cost of post-retirement health benefits for current civilian employees. Amounts for FY 2001 and 2002 are provided here to give comparable totals.

Created September 1, 2009, Updated December 29, 2016