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NIST FY 2011 Budget Request

 FY 2008
FY 2009
FY 2010
FY 2011
FY 2011
Technology Innovation Program65.265.069.979.910.0
Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership289.6110.0124.7129.75.0
NIST Construction & Major Renovations42.629.722.052.330.3
Safety, Capacity, Maintenance, and Major Repairs36.668.358.072.514.5
Competitive Construction Grants Program30.
Congressionally Designated Projects51.344.047.00.0(47.0)
Total NIST$755.8$819.0$856.6$918.9$62.3

1FY 2011 includes $69.4 M in initiatives and redirection of FY 2010 Congressionally Designated Projects toward FY 2011 ATBs.

2FY 2011 includes $0.4 M in ATBs.

3FY 2011 includes $66.1 M to fund $52.3 M in construction and major renovations (to include $22.0 M of construction drop-out from FY 2010) for Building 1 Renovation ($37.9 M), General Purpose Laboratories ($14.4 M), and $13.8 M in Safety, Capacity, Maintenance, and Major Repair (SCMMR). An additional $0.7 M in ATBs increases SCMMR to $14.5 M from the FY 2010 enacted level.

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Created February 2, 2010, Updated December 29, 2016