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FY 2022: Presidential Budget Request Summary

woman with red laser safety glasses on working at a laser table adjusting optics
Credit: M. Bailey/NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) mission is to promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology to enhance economic security and improve our quality of life.

We accomplish our mission through a number of ways, including:

  • Supporting national manufacturing networks and workforce development.
  • Driving discovery in emerging technologies — AI, quantum science, synthetic biology and more.
  • Securing the supply chain through new research, measurements, standards and other tools.
  • Serving as a credible source for science-based standards and tools for climate measurements, resilience and clean energy. 

"Science and technology have flourished in the United States because of a rich ecosystem of people, policies, and institutions. This ecosystem must be nurtured and refreshed to succeed in a rapidly changing world." —President Joe Biden, in a letter to Eric S. Lander, presidential science adviser

The FY 2022 budget request is an increase of $462.7 M, or 44.7%, over FY 2021 enacted levels to fully fund inflationary adjustments to current programs, grow funding for nationally critical mission areas, and expand NIST’s manufacturing programs.

Budget Summary

Activity  FY20 Enacted  FY21 Enacted FY22 Request
STRS $754.0 $788.0 $915.6
ITS $162.0 $166.5 $441.6
CRF $118.0 $80.0 $140.0
Total, NIST Discretionary $1,034.0 $1,034.5 $1,497.2


Included in the expanded budget are new efforts to ensure U.S. leadership in key administration priority areas:

Scientific and Technical Research and Services

Icon shows lightbulb with leaves inside.

Climate and Energy, +$20M: Provide resources to predict, measure and manage the changing climate, and innovations for resilient energy infrastructure and intelligent buildings. 

Icon shows classic atom image.

Quantum Science, +$15M: Expand the quantum network testbed program, grow the Quantum Economic Development Consortium and increase joint institute partnerships.

Icon shows silhouette of head with networking in brain.

Artificial Intelligence, +$15M: Establish a new public-private partnership to accelerate trustworthy AI while expanding AI research capacities across the NIST laboratories.

Heart icon with heart rate line inside.

Bioeconomy, +$14M: Accelerate advancements in engineering biology, biomanufacturing for precision medicine and therapeutics integrating AI and biological data.

Icon shows an antenna and "5G."

Advanced Communications, +$12M: Provide measurements to support wide deployment of 5G and beyond wireless and ensure public safety leadership and engagement in standards development.

Circular icon shows network connections.

Microelectronics, +$10M: Launch new research program to characterize physical properties and develop nanoscale processing for semiconductors, including upgraded fabrication facilities. 

Icon shows buildings, gears.

Circular Economy, +$5M: Provide measurements and research to efficiently recover plastics and other materials in the supply chain with improved identification and sorting technologies and reference data for high-value multiuse plastics.

Icon shows heads and shoulders of three people.

Equity and Diversity in the Workforce, +$5M: Support a diverse workforce and build pipelines for the next generation of innovative scientists and engineers with a new metrology grants program for minority-serving institutions.

Map of U.S. is made up of photos of people working in labs, offices, etc.
Credit: NIST

Industrial Technology Services

Icon is an "M" in red, white and blue.

Manufacturing USA, +$150.1M: Continues support of base funding for program coordination and network support and sponsorship of current DOC/NIST institute focused on biotechnology. Establishes funding for two additional institutes.

Icon shows hands clasping in light blue and dark blue.

Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, +$125M: Increases core funding to MEP centers. Supports plans to expand capabilities to respond to critical needs, including a national supply chain initiative, a workforce development initiative and plans to establish manufacturing technology demonstration workspaces.

Construction of Research Facilities

Icon shows blueprint, gear, wrench, pencil.

+$64M for the repair and revitalization of NIST facilities.

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Created June 8, 2021, Updated June 10, 2021