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2004 Pie Chart Description Link

This pie chart shows the distribution of NIST resources for fiscal year 2004 (all numbers are rounded). NIST's total resources are $770.9 million of which $608.5 million is appropriated.

NIST receives $336.5 million for scientific and technical research and services. Of that amount, the NIST Laboratories are allocated $331.1 million, the Baldrige National Quality Program receives $5.4 million.

NIST also receives $207.7 million for industrial technology services of which $169.1 million goes to the Advanced Technology Program and $38.6 million funds the Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

In addition, $64.3 million is used for construction of research facilities. NIST receives $39.9 million in fees and $122.5 million in funding from other agencies. Total NIST staff (full-time equivalent positions) numbers 3,012.

Created September 1, 2009, Updated December 29, 2016