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CPS PWG: Reference Architecture

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CPS PWG: Reference Architecture

Vocabulary and Reference Architecture Subgroup

This subgroup will develop a common CPS vocabulary, including a working definition of CPS and descriptions of common features, capabilities, and characteristics, to inform the development of CPS reference architecture(s) and to promote communications across CPS stakeholders and domains. The reference architecture development will include the identification of foundational goals, characteristics, common roles, actors, and interfaces, across the breadth of CPS domains. The reference architecture will be designed to include applicable cybersecurity and privacy considerations. The current NIST draft notional CPS reference architecture will serve as one source of input to this working group.

Reference Architecture Co-Chairs

janos.sztipanovits [at] (Janos Sztipanovits), Vanderbilt University
mellor [at] (Stephen Mellor), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
abdella.battou [at] (Abdella Battou), NIST

Contact: Abdella Battou

Created June 20, 2014, Updated August 25, 2016