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CPS PWG: Data Interoperability

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CPS PWG: Data Interoperability

Data Interoperability Subgroup

This subgroup will address the simplification and streamlining of cross-domain data interactions by developing a sound underlying framework and standards base for CPS data interoperability, in part by developing an inventory of relevant existing practices and standards. There are many CPS domains in which data is created, maintained, exchanged, and stored. Each datum has a data flow and a life cycle. Each domain naturally defines its own data semantics and exchange protocols, but those data can be difficult to understand and process when moved across domains and ownership boundaries, an increasing requirement of an increasingly connected world. This is as much, if not more so, the case in cyber physical systems as it is in other data management domains. This subgroup will address these cross-cutting data interoperability issues and point the way to the develop of new efficient and scalable approaches to managing CPS data.

Data Interoperability Co-Chairs

peggy.j.irelan [at] (Peggy Irelan), Intel
llannom [at] (Larry Lannom), CNRI
martin.burns [at] (Marty Burns,) NIST

Contact: martin.burns [at] (Marty Burns)

Created August 28, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016