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Test Plan for Impact of LTE Signals on GPS Receivers Project

NASCTN convened a panel of technical experts, from NIST and NTIA, to develop a test plan that would meet the objectives of this project:

  • Develop a repeatable, calibrated, and well-documented test methodology to investigate the impact of adjacent-band LTE transmissions on GPS receivers operating in the L1 frequency band
  • Collect data on a representative subset of available GPS devices in order to validate the proposed test methodology.

In May of 2016, NASCTN distributed a draft test plan and feedback form to a cross-section of GPS manufacturers, Federal agencies and spectrum regulators to obtain feedback on the proposed methodology.

Over a two-month period, NASCTN received 159 comments from the following spectrum regulators, Federal agencies, GPS manufacturers and members of the general public:

The NASCTN test team reviewed the comments and developed a revised test plan in July of 2016 that addressed the technical issues raised in the comments. The adjudicated comments are not attributed to any specific organization or individual.

*The comments submitted by Deere & Company were non-technical in nature and were not included in the comment adjudication. However, Deere & Company filed these comments to the FCC.

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Created July 27, 2016, Updated July 19, 2018