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NASCTN Outreach & Events

Past Events


Out-of-Band Emissions Report Briefing 01/29/2018 Boulder, CO NASCTN hosted a brief for its release of the completed “Measured Emission Spectra of Selected AWS-3 LTE Transmitters” report. The project, proposed by Edwards Air Force Base, measured Out-of-Band (OoB) emissions from new Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems operating in bands adjacent to existing incumbent Department of Defense (DoD) Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry (AMT) systems used at government test and training ranges (TTRs).

Aggregate LTE Test Plan Briefing


Boulder, CO

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) proposed a NASCTN project to identify LTE UE emissions in the aggregate to better identify if the early entrants to the AWS-3 band interfere with DoD assets that have yet vacated the band.  NASCTN screened and accepted DISA DSO’s proposal.  Over a period of five months, NASCTN’s team designed a draft test plan, “Aggregate LTE: Characterizing User Equipment Emissions”.  NASCTN’s process includes test design independent from any sponsor’s proposal.  

At this public briefing, NASCTN's test team presented the draft test plan and opened the floor to a question and answer panel discussion.  For more information, please see the NASCTN's Aggregate LTE Project Page.



Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

NASCTN outreach and information regarding ongoing and potential activities.

ISART 2017

08/15/17 to 08/17/17

Broomfield, CO

For more information, please see the conference page at

Radar Measurement Workshop


McLean, VA

NASCTN hosted a workshop on radar signal measurement and monitoring in the 3.5GHz band to coincide with an out-brief on a NASCTN project to collect and characterize high-quality Radar 1 waveforms.  The NASCTN workshop expanded the scope to include presentations for other similar work performed in this space.  The purpose of this workshop was to bring together Federal, Industry, and Academia stakeholders to share research, information, and activities to overcome challenges, discuss solutions, and measurements collected in the 3.5 GHz band.  For more information, please see the Waveform Measurements of Radars Operating in the 3.5 GHz Band project page.

Public Meeting


MITRE Campus, McLean, VA

NASCTN held a public meeting to inform the public about the NASCTN project “Impact of Long Term Evolution (LTE) signals on Global Positioning System (GPS) Devices”.  At this meeting, the public learned about this project, as described in the report released to the public on February 15, 2017, available at the project page:  Impact of LTE Signals on GPS Receivers.  A summary of NASCTN's test methodology and an overview of the test results were also provided.

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)


Washington, D.C.

NASCTN provided an update on completed, on-going, and planned NASCTN test measurement efforts, as well as toured ARFL laboratories and met with research personnel working spectrum sharing activities where closer coordination, cooperation, and information sharing can benefit both NASCTN and NRL.


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Created December 29, 2016, Updated November 25, 2019