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Value of NASCTN

DOD and Federal Agencies’ needs

  • Spectrum to operate systems for national security and public services
  • Avoid costs and disruptions of relocating systems to alternative frequency band
  • Confidence that proposed spectrum-sharing technologies will not interfere with mission-critical Federal systems prior to the deployment of commercial systems

Industry’s needs

  • Access to spectrum to meet needs of expanding wireless services
  • Confidence that proposed spectrum-sharing technologies will not affect other Federal or commercial wireless systems before any costly deployment of those technologies
  • Neutral, third-party organization that can provide accurate, trusted data to better inform spectrum regulatory policy

Value of NASCTN

  • Offers a scientific-based process for planning, executing and validating spectrum tests (accurate data ≡ improved spectrum regulations)
  • Provides a single point of contact to coordinate access to test measurements and modeling capabilities for objective assessment of proposed spectrum-sharing technologies and methodologies
  • Helps ensure the security of classified, sensitive and proprietary information
  • Provides a trusted forum for public and private sector to discuss issues and future opportunities in spectrum sharing

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Created December 22, 2016, Updated February 5, 2019