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FY07: Innovations in Measurement Science

(+$4 million)


Sae Woo Name holding a circuit
NIST research on quantum computing and communications includes a recent demonstration of a device that can count about 20,000 photons (the smallest units of light) per second. Here, NIST physicist Sae Woo Nam Sae Woo Nam holds a circuit used to amplify signals from the new photon detector. 
Credit: ©Geoffrey Wheeler
Just as industry must innovate to survive in a competitive environment, NIST must continually develop innovative approaches to measurement challenges.

As new science and technology areas emerge, NIST must quickly develop the measurement methods needed to support them. The Innovations in Measurement Science Program is one of NIST's primary mechanisms for keeping pace with the measurement requirements needed for innovation in U.S. industry.

Established in 1979, the program supports high-risk, leading-edge research projects that anticipate industry needs and develop measurement science for the next generation of technology. At some point in their careers, all three of NIST's Nobel laureates have had their research funded by this program. Current NIST expertise in quantum information science, fuel cell science, three-dimensional chemical imaging, and many other areas important to national priorities was launched with "measurement innovations" funding.

Proposed NIST Program

This initiative will expand the scope and nature of projects selected for the Innovations in Measurement Science Program to allow this program to keep better pace with the evolving needs of industry and science. Emphasis will be placed on the development of multidisciplinary research areas with the greatest potential for fostering innovation.

The NIST Laboratories carefully evaluate the technical merit, potential impact, and staff qualifications for detailed research proposals submitted by the NIST technical staff. Only the strongest proposals survive this evaluation process. Successful proposals are funded for five years—ensuring enough time for the innovative measurement science approach to be developed—and are reviewed throughout the program to ensure satisfactory progress.

Expected Impacts

The expanded Innovations in Measurement Science Program will ensure that NIST can con-tinue to anticipate the measurement science and standards needs of U.S. industry and science. In doing so, it will help accelerate U.S. industry's ability to move new technologies to the marketplace.

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Created August 24, 2009, Updated March 21, 2018