Standards Working Groups - Logistics


The objectives of the working group is to define practices and test methods related to the overall deployment procedures and constraints in place for emergency response.

The standards developed by the working group address the requirement that emergency response robots and all necessary associated components (e.g., operator control station, power sources, spare parts, sensors, manipulators, etc.) must complement the response organization's cache packaging and transportation systems. Shipment by ground, air or marine should be considered. Volume and weight, shipping classification and deployabilty of the robots and associated components are considered in this working group. Additional deployment issues such as set up time, procedures, and tool requirements, employed capabilities, and autonomy are also parts of the scope. No such standard currently exists except for those relevant to shipping (e.g., CFR Title 49, IATA).

Ann Virts

Created December 15, 2010, Updated January 03, 2011