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Travel Award Program

What is the travel award?

The CNST has a Cooperative Agreement with the University of Maryland Nanocenter. One of the goals of the Cooperative Program is to encourage U.S. industrial, university, and government scientists to participate in research at the CNST, either in collaboration with the CNST research program or by using the NanoFab. To help new participants get started, the NIST-University of Maryland Cooperative Program provides a limited number of competitively awarded travel grants. Award amounts can be provided for up to $1000 of travel and local expenses for participants traveling beyond a normal commuting distance to the CNST. Highest consideration for awards will be given to first-time participants, to scientists at the early stages of their careers, and for expenses related to graduate student research at the CNST.

For more information and to apply, please visit University of Maryland's Nanocenter web site. The application is available on the Travel Awards web page.

Created June 19, 2009, Updated May 29, 2019