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Policies and Procedures - NanoFab Access

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Accessing the NIST campus

  • Campus access is allowed Monday through Friday from 6 am to 7 pm except for federal holidays or campus closures. You must exit the campus gate before 7 pm.
  • You should display your NIST badge at or above your waist at all times while on campus.
  • Campus access is only permitted to perform work in the CNST NanoFab laboratories in building 215 and/or building 216. You must use your badge to enter either building, do not follow someone else into a building without badging in - no "piggy backing".
  • The public areas of building 101 may be accessed for cafeteria or security/badging.
  • Access to any other areas on campus must be approved in advance by the NanoFab manager.
  • Work in the CNST NanoFab cleanroom may be extended from 7 pm to midnight with prior approval and will require escort off campus by NanoFab staff at midnight. From 7 pm until midnight NanoFab external users must remain in the cleanroom. You will not be allowed to work in external NanoFab laboratories.
Created April 8, 2013, Updated February 7, 2020