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Taking Measure

Just a Standard Blog

Dat Duthinh

portrait of Dat Duthinh

Dat Duthinh holds a B.S. from Princeton University, a M.S. from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. from Cornell University, all in civil/structural engineering. Before joining NIST, he worked on the design and construction of the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure, a massive concrete platform offshore Newfoundland, Canada, built to resist the impact of icebergs and the onslaught of waves. One of the most exciting projects during his decade spent studying ice-structure interaction was an Antarctic expedition he led to measure the pressure and force of impact of icebergs against vertical structures.  He took part in the investigation of the World Trade Center collapse, served on several panels of the National Academies, was a visiting professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2010, and is associate editor of American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Structural Engineering. He received the DOC Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement in 2007.