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Clara Asmail

Clara Asmail develops new approaches to support small R&D and manufacturing businesses with resources to commercialize technologies. Her 25+ year career at NIST includes managing the SBIR Program and Technology Transfer, and leader of optical scatterometry research projects. One of her inventions is the highest royalty bearing license at the NIST Labs.

Enlightening Enterprise 3D Printing

Enterprise 3D printing is ascending the Slope of Enlightenment. Gartner 1 placed it there on its Hype Cycle curve in 2013 and it has been marching toward the

MITEC is Our Tech

Last week, a few folks from Oak Ridge (ORNL), National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and Sandia got together with a few folks from MEP Centers and some of their

Plotting the Future of 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is hurtling into its wide and wonderful future. Right now heavy attention is being given to the promise AM offers to toy and

This is not your child’s paper mache

Materials for 3D printing are no longer limited to plastics and metals. And 3D printing is not happening only in garages or nifty service salons. European