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Aslam Sherule

Aslam Sherule

Mr. Aslam Sherule is a Lead Cyber Physical Security Engineer at MITRE Corporation. He is a co-author of NIST SP 800-82 R3, NIST SP 1800-10, and NIST CSWP 28. Currently he is working on creating practice guides for Responding to and Recovering from Cyber Attacks and Zero Trust Architecture in OT. His work at MITRE focuses on OT/industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cybersecurity research and practice.

Prior to joining MITRE, Mr. Sherule was a Senior Security Advisory Consultant at Cisco focusing on OT and IoT cybersecurity practice. During this period, he conducted several security segmentation, risk assessment, and security management program services for clients in the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, utility, and healthcare verticals. Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Sherule was the trusted advisor and engagement lead at Verizon for a large utility company covering cybersecurity, machine to machine (M2M)/IoT, networking, cloud, and digital transformation areas. Aslam led the winning proposal for the Smart Grid Cybersecurity proposal for a leading utility company. At Verizon, he served clients in the utility, energy, and manufacturing verticals.

He brings a wealth of skill sets, with over 25 years of experience in the fields of cybersecurity (IT and OT), control systems engineering for energy, utility and manufacturing verticals, enterprise architecture, solutions architecture, software design and development for IT and OT, and product development for M2M/IoT applications over wireless and satellite networks. Mr. Sherule’s broad and deep skill set is backed up by rigorous education from Harvard, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the University of Missouri that covers cybersecurity, internet working, control systems/process control, finance, and management topics.