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PAO Receives 2024 Communicator Award of Distinction for Video Animation

Circle badge. Silver exterior ring with writing at top and bottom: Award of Distinction. Black interior. Lowercase letter A. Words: The 30th Annual Communicator Awards
Credit: Courtesy Communicator Awards

NIST's video "Race Logic Computing" received a Communicators Award of Distinction in the General-Animation category.

Individuals recognized by the AIVA for this video were:

  • Jenny Wang - Animator
  • Rebecca Jacobson - Writer/VO
  • Brandon Hayes - Graphic Artist
  • Natasha Hanacek - Graphic Artist
  • Leon Geršković - Producer

This year, the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) received more than 3,000 entries from across the U.S. and around the world.

Race Logic Computing
Race Logic Computing
In recent years, computer chip's transistors have gotten a thousand times smaller, a hundred thousand times faster, and able to use a billion times less energy. But these incredible improvements from the early days of computing are not enough anymore. That's why researchers at NIST are aiming to develop a new type of computer circuit that uses something we call “race logic” to solve problems, quickly and with more energy efficiency. More info:…
Created May 13, 2024, Updated May 15, 2024