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Geršković, García Receive Communicator Award

Two side-by-side headshots

Garcia (left) and Gerskovic (right)

The NIST on a Chip video series was recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts with a Communicator Award in the Online Video - Campaign or Series–Web Series category. The Communicator Awards is an annual competition honoring the best digital, mobile, audio, video, and social content the industry has to offer.

Geršković was recognized for his role as producer/director, and García for his role as writer/director.

Introducing NIST on a CHIP
Introducing NIST on a CHIP
Technological advances demand a new era of measurement science. NIST has answered that call with NIST on a CHIP and is looking to partner with industry, academia, and other government agencies to take their devices from the lab to the world. Director & Writer – Jóse Garcia; Producer – Leon Geršković; Executive Producer – Robin Materese; Animation Producer - Dražen Kvočić; Animation – Željko Grgić and Dražen Zeljković; Illustration – Tin Bačić; Music & Sound Design – Studio Unknown; Editing – Jóse Garcia

The NOAC video series took effort from many individuals within the Public Affairs Office, including David Stewart (editing), Robin Materese (executive producing) and Ben Stein (story advisor).

The NIST on a Chip program will bring cutting-edge measurement-science technology and expertise from our labs directly to users in commerce, medicine, defense and academia. We are developing a suite of inherently accurate measurement technologies that operate according to the precise, time-tested principles of quantum physics. The ultimate goal of NIST on a Chip technology is for it to be deployed nearly anywhere and anytime, without the need for NIST’s traditional measurement services.

Learn more about the NIST on a Chip program and see all the videos. 



Created May 5, 2021, Updated May 6, 2021